Mammalian Fossils Savage Evolution


by Michael Fishwick

A newly discovered mammalian fossil in China is adding to evolutionary woes. The well preserved beaver-like creature, Castorocauda lutrasimilis, ( has turned up in rock layers considered to be 164 million years old by those indoctrinated with evolutionary philosophy. It is a big problem for evolutionists because their assumed mechanism, of unknown and unobserved mutations creating greater levels of genetic information, needs impossible amounts of time in which to operate. Every reduction of that alleged time-scale helps to savage the diminishing credibility of evolution. The new discovery places large mammals firmly in the so-called Jurassic period - 140 to 210 million years ago, the golden age of the dinosaurs, according to its propagandists. The latest discovery joins such mammalian creatures as Repenomamus gigantus and Repenomamus robustus in the re-writing of 'Jurassic Park'. Repenomamus robustus was actually discovered with the remains of a small dinosaur in its stomach. (

The amazing work of Guy Berthault on sedimentation mechanics has, of course, starkly called into question the geological time-scale held by evolutionists and their accepted practice of dating fossils by the rock strata they are found in, and rocks by the fossils contained within them. A detailed exposition of Dr. Berthault's empirical research and their profound implications can be viewed in 'Evolution: Fact or Belief' ( It is also interesting to note that many of the incredible finds coming from fossil beds are in China. Guy Berthault has had his work published in the Chinese Journal of Geodesy and Geodynamics, as well as by Academies of Science, where it has likely been digested by many of those paleontologists currently at work on the rich fossil beds of Liaoning Province.

Could it be that belief in evolution, whether materialist, Taoist or Buddhist, is beginning to crumble in China, partly through the application of true science?

Holy Virgin of Sheshan, Our Lady of Donglu, St. Joseph, St. Francis Xavier, pray for China!

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